All about Blue Moon Web Design

In a world of copycats, and knock-offs from the latest cheap country, it can be hard to stand out from the competition. But we've managed to do it. And it was, actually, pretty simple. Just go back to the old style of doing business - put the customer first, and work hard for every customer, big or small. Sounds simple (it is), but how many companies do it anymore?

How to put the customer first

No cheap junkThese days it seems businesses are all about their bottom line, and customers tend to take second place as companies cut corners and downsize. We're a small business, so we understand how small businesses have taken a pounding, but we believe giving great service and even better value is the way to thrive, not by trying to short change clients.

We offer maintenance and reporting as part of our overall packages. While our contract talks about hourly rates for site changes, we've only once charged anything, and that was for a major rewrite. Normally we'll do the small changes and not charge - to us, that's about good customer service - putting the customer first.

Using an innovative fee structure

To many companies that means charging more, offering less, and doing it with a small staff. Not at Blue Moon Web Design! To us, an innovative fee structure is just that - innovative, not doing what everyone else is doing. About 2 years, we realized we were just another "Me too!" web design company. To set ourselves apart we began giving more for less!

We charge NOTHING upfront! And NOTHING for 45 days!

That's right, no money down for 45 days, but it gets even better. Then we only charge a low monthly fee (starting at $48.69 per month!) rather than big upfront fees.

We understand that business cash flow is tough enough without us askign for hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars for your web design.

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