How we give you an affordable website

Want more than just a great website that brings in traffic? Sure you do!  You want all that and for a better price than you ever thought possible.

1. Decide you want a great website

First, you need to decide what you want from your website. If you just want to send a few clients to it for some info, then you can stop reading.  If you want more traffic and more customers then read on.

2. Decide you want a great website for less

Do you want to save money and maximize your cash-flow? No, stop reading, go and have a coffee. Yes, read on.

3. Contact us right now

You can send us a message, or phone us on 0800 123-456 and get started fast.  We deliver you the best value pricing, so, to keep costs down, we do all our communicating by email or phone.  No time wasted getting to meetings - just pick up your phone.

We use PayPal for recurring payments4. Set up the recurring payment & contract

We use PayPal as our payment processor.  You can use a PayPal account if you have one, or use your credit or debit card.  Payments are made automatically every 3 months - we don't send invoices, you don't have to write cheques!

5. We start designing

As soon as the payments are set up we get to work.  Remember you have 6 weeks before you pay anything - plenty of time to for us to get your new site up and running.  We keep you informed all the way through and encourage your feedback.  We work for you, not against you.  You can watch your site being built live online!

6. We upload your new site

We build on our development server, but, when it's ready, upload your new site to its own space using your own domain name (eg.

7. We maintain your site

Ever worried what happens once the site is done?  Will you be left to figure it out alone and fix it when it breaks?  Not with Blue Moon Web Design.  We monitor and maintain your site, plus give you monthly email reports showing exactly where you're ranking.

Google Yahoo and Bing - get ranked today8. We complete on page SEO

While we're designing, we're thinking about your keywords and phrase, building them, naturally, into your copy.

9. We send you montly reports

Knowing how your site is performing is crucial. Without knowing traffice, where they go and what they do, you cannot know whether the site s workign well, and if certain pages are doing what they're designed to. All our packages incluse 2 free reports each month - traffic stats and keyword ranking.

10. We're here to help

Our business model is built around a long term relationship.  In fact, it takes us at least 2 years just to break even compared to charging up front.  We want our relationship to endure, so we're here to help.

Get the most for a great price - call us on 0800 49-00-21