Website design related FAQs

Here's a collection of some common questions we're asked and their answers. As we come across new common questions we'll be adding them here. Of course we can't hope to answer every question here, so, if you can't find the right answer here, please feel free to send us your enquiry here.


Why choose Blue Moon Web Design?

We realized soon after starting the business, that not every company or organization has big dollars to pay upfront. Almost everything is available by installment - why not web solutions too? Our unique business model allows you to keep money in your pocket, but still get a great web presence and support.

Do I only get a website?

No. You definitely get a world class website, but your monthly payment also covers us hosting your website, maintaining it, sending you monthly reports by email and basic on- and off-site SEO. All for one low monthly amount!

How long does a design take?

We bill nothing for 6 weeks. The reason is that, in the majority of cases, we have your new site up and running before you pay a cent. However, implementation does depend on site size and the speed which a client sends us information.

Can I edit my own content?

Definitely! It's as easy as using Microsoft Word or another word processing program. You can edit or add content quickly and easily, and it's live as soon as you save - no more outdated information! You cannot delete articles, however, as this could break the site's functionality.

Will you maintain my site?

For normal maintenance and upgrading, we take care of that - at no charge! However, for major site upgrades, or if you need a lot of hours maintenance each month, there may be extra charges. Contact us to discuss your special needs!

Do you do SEO for me?

Yes we do. We start with on-page SEO. This involves discussing keywords and phrases with you and implementing them on your site. Once the site is live, we work on the off-site SEO; backlink building in the most part, though we monitor traffic and where it came from, and browsing habits of site visitors.

How soon can you get my site onto page 1 of Google?

That really depends on what keywords and phrases you are trying to rank for. High competition ones, like "Website Design", will be much harder to get onto page 1 for than, say, "Auckland Website Design", or "West Auckland Website Design". The 2 things we try to get clients to understand is that SEO is not a quick thing (don't expect the phone to ring off the hook just because you have a website), and, secondly, it is an on-going job. If you stop, your competitors, who continue with SEO, will overtake you in rankings.

Do you do e-commerce websites?

Yes! And for only NZ$74.87 per month - including your SSL certificate (that's to keep your customer's information secure and safe).

Why should my business have a website?

There's plenty of studies to show the demise of hard copy publications. Look at your local Yellow Pages. Chances are, it's considerably smaller than it used to be - that's because more and more consumers are doing their research online. If your business doesn't have a web presence you're potentially missing 100's or 1000's or customers.

Do you use black hat SEO techniques?

No. Whilst they can produce results, the long term outlook is generally bleak for clients' websites. We play by the rules to safeguard our reputation and your site.

Pricing and billing

How much will I pay?

Most businesses and organizations pay only NZ$48.69 per month, however our plans range up to NZ$83.83 per month for full e-commerce sites. See our pricing page for more info.

When do I pay?

Your first payment isn't due for 6 weeks after you set up the recurring payment. After that, you will be billed 3 months in advance, 4 times a year.

How can I pay?

To keep our costs low so we can spend time working on your site, we use recurring payments from a PayPal account, debit card or credit card. We use secure payments through PayPal.

What if I miss a payment?

Our payment processor, PayPal, will make 3 attempts at collecting the payment for us. Should the payment fail a third time, the recurring payment is automatically cancelled.

Can I pay by cheque, cash or on account?

No. All our payments are by recurring payment to keep costs down. It also ensures continuity of your site - no missed payments, means you don't have to worry about whether your site is still up.

Can I upgrade/downgrade to a different plan?

Yes. You may upgrade or downgrade if your needs change. Your billing will be adjusted at the next billing date. On downgrading, no refunds will be given, but no extra is charged on upgrade either.

How do I cancel?

Just send us a letter or email 30 days or more before your next billing date. We will immediately cancel your recurring payment and set about sending you all content used on your site.

How do you send refunds?

We do not issue refunds.

I've seen really cheap web design - why should I pay you every month?

A great question! You've heard it said, "There's no such thing as a free lunch"? Someone always pays. Cheap web design is like anything else cheap - more often than not it's not good value long term. Businesses can't continue to operate on $3-500 per site and offer the services that we do, consistently. We're not frightened of comparison - go check them out. We're confident we can offer better value and better service.

Legal stuff

Who owns my website?

After the first payment is made (6 weeks after setting up the recurring payment), you own it completely. If you choose to move to a different designer and/or host, then we will give you all the text and graphics that were used to build your site. We will also give you a backup copy of the latest version of your site, ready to be uploaded to your new host.

Who owns the graphics/content on my site?

Just like the whole website, you own them all once the first payment is made. The only variance to this is graphics which we have billed you separately for (this is usually for logo design). You own these once the account has been paid in full.

Can you use my graphics?

Yes we can. However, you should be aware of any copyright that may apply to any graphic (or text for that matter). Using a copyrighted graphic or piece of text without permission, can result in legal action against you.

Am I locked into a long-term contract?

Never! Yes, we have a contract, and there's a bunch of "fine print". However, much of it relates to the "during design" phase. You can read the "fine print" here.

What if I have a dispute with you?

We're proud to say in all the years we've been in business, we have only had one client leave due to dissatisfaction. However, unrealized expectations and problems do happen. We encourage clients to email us with concerns or questions. Having it in writing allows us to address these areas more easily, and gives you a "paper" trail that you can refer to. We will do all we can to put right anything that is bothering you.


What's SEO v SEM?

SEO - Search Engine Optimization - and SEM - Search Engine Marketing are similar in their aims; getting traffic to your site. Think of SEM as the parent, and SEO as one of the children. SEM encompasses SEO, plus also PPC, press releases and more.

Is PPC right for my business?

PPC - Pay Per Click - can be used by any business, but be aware you can spend a lot of money with little, or no, results if done wrong. Writing a compelling ad is important, as is choosing keywords, bidding, and daily budgets.

Someone said I need an SSL for my e-commerce site. What's that?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, and it, basically, provides encryption of sensitive interactions over the web. Most commonly this relates to monetary transactions, but is used for the secure transmission of other sensitive information too. Read more about SSL here.

What's a CMS?

A CMS - Content Management System - is a web design platform. Unlike older style "static" designers, CMS's allow a designer more flexibility with how the site goes together, and also allows clients to simply edit their own content - this can be a huge time and money saving for large sites with constantly changing content.

What are organic results?

These are the rankings which SEO tries to get you onto page 1 for. Rather than paying Google or another search engine to display your ads, organic ranking results are the bulk of results appearing after a search. They rely on good site implementation and off-site SEO.

What are SERPs?

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page, and that's what you get after typing a search phrase into an engine. Read more about SERPs here.

What is PR and is it important?

PR stands for Page Rank and is a measurement of a webpage's popularity according to Google. Despite it's name, it wasn't named after web PAGES, but after its inventor, and Google co-founder, Larry Page. It employs a complex computation to assign every web page a rank from 0 - 10. Read more about Page Rank here.

What is black hat SEO?

Like any business, SEO has etiquette and rules to play by. Playing by the rules is considered white hat. Going outside these rules - essentially trying to skew the search results - is called black hat. While it can be successful, its usefulness is generally shorter term and being caught being involved in it, unwittingly or otherwise, can result in your site receiving severe penalties from the search engines - sometimes even delisting or deindexing meaning your site becomes invisible on the net in searches.