Copywriting for action

"Content is king!".  Good copywriting is still the best basis for a good ranking website.  Yes, there are many other factors too, but other sites aren't going to link to poor quality content, with bad spelling and lousy grammar.  Good grief, almost every application has a spell checker - there is NO excuse for bad spelling.  Even my CAD program has one!

A call to action

A call to action isn't adding "Buy now!" to the bottom of an article,\; that's called a lazy after-thought.  A call to action is something that COMPELS a reader to turn the page, to click the Buy Now button, to sign up for a newsletter.  A call to action is the worm on the hook, the bait the visitor just can't resist.

What's in it for me?Copy-craft

We know, it's not really a word, but it says what we're talking about - the ability to craft compelling copy that grabs a reader by the scruff of the neck and propels them towards the decision you want!  Unfortunately, not all copy (or copy-writers) is created equal.  Some copy just repels the reader, or puts them to sleep; this is a really bad situation.


When we craft our copy we keep in mind the only radio station any visitor EVER listens to...WIIFM - What's In It For Me?  If we can't answer that, we don't write it.  People don't care how big, how fast, how efficient your product is.  They care about how much time it will save, how much money, or how it might free them repetitive tasks.

Give people a compelling reason to say "Yes!" and they will - every time.  That's WIIFM, that's good copy-craft.  Blue Moon Web Design creates compelling copy for you to get you sales, customers or subscribers.  Contact us now to get results!