Website design

What's website design all about anyway?  New customers, sales, advertising, promotion, information? All of these!  Getting the customers there is a meld between web design and SEO, but the design plays a big part in being found.

To us at Blue Moon, site crafting is a holistic project that not only looks at good aesthetic design, but also, just as importantly, incorporates good marketing strategies, customer interaction and on-site SEO implementation.  A cute site without the other aspects is just that - a cute site.  Without a holistic approach, your new website is just like a car without an engine, a plane without wings, a bicycle without wheels... the rest of it might look cute, but it isn't going to get you anywhere!

Color and style in websitesColor and style

The first area we look at is color and style.  Do we want blues and reds for a business-like, corporate feel, greens and earth tones for a down-to-earth feel, or something totally different? Often this is determined by an existing logo (we redesign logos too).

Keyword analysis

What keywords or phrases are people who are looking for a business liek yours using to find you?  Between us and you, we make up a list to work on. Then we check out what's really getting traffic. No real point in ranking #1 for a phrase no one ever searches for!

Text and images

If we're doing a redesign, we often use these off the existing site as a starting place, though, often, these are inadequate on their own.  Again, this is a collaborative effort between us and you as we work together to craft new content and add new images.

Component choice

The great thing about the Joomla! CMS (Content Management System) we use it that it's really extensible.  Need a blog? Bolt on a component.  Want rotating images? Bolt on a component.  Currently there's over 10,000 add on components in the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED).  If you have a need, you can be pretty sure there's a component to do it.

But design isn't the only thing that makes a website successful, finding a reliable hosting provider is critical to your internet plan. We can help you find the best hosting plan that will provide you with everything to keep your site running.